21015: Tractor Meccano Build n Play

Tractor Meccano Build n Play photo
  • Category: BLO
  • Age: 2 years+
  • Rent: $2.50
  • Storage: : Box and Lid


A construction system make a Tractor, or design a motorbike!. Easy to assemble pieces just clip, clip and twist together using the screwdriver. This will keep you and your little one entertained for hours.


* Large brightly coloured nuts,bolts and screws

* Easy to assemble and dismantle

• 7x wheels (4x smaller, 3x larger)

• 5x Blue Frame construction prices

• 3x white frame construction peices

• 1x screw driver

• 1x set of eyes

• 2x flexy yellow prices ( 1x curved, 1x straight).

• 8x yellow rings

• 10 x short screws

• 8x long  screws

• 16x orange rubber threading nuts

• 5x blue cylinders