Membership Options

We have a number of options to join Eastside Toy Library:

- to help keep prices low, we ask each of our members to participate in our fundraising activities (donating a bag of good secondhand clothes, selling raffle tickets etc…).

- We prefer online payment via bank transfers - please send us a screenshot of your payment - so we can keep an eye out for it.

Regular Membership:

  • 12 Months - $60 per year. No duties required. Includes ‘Regular Toy Hire’
  • 6 Months - $40. No duties required. Includes ‘Regular Toy Hire’
  • 3 Months - $30. No duties required. Includes ‘Regular Toy Hire’ 

Volunteer Membership:

  • $30 per year. Includes ‘Regular Toy Hire’. 4 duties required. Either in the library for duties or as part of the Committee. 
  • Please see FAQ for more details on this membership. Feel free to have a chat with our Kaitiaki about the skills you can offer or email to find our more. 
  • NB: failure to complete duties will incur fines

Toy hire charges

Included Toy Hire:

  • 3 toys per family (includes one premium toy) and 1 puzzle per child. 

Additional Toy Hire

  • Premium Toys - $5.00 per Fortnight
  • Standard Toys - $2.50 per Fortnight
  • Puzzles - $1.00 per Fortnight
  • ‘Party Packs’ - are also available

Payment Plans are Available:

  • A Payment Plan is available for the 6 and 12 month Memberships. 
  • Pay $20 on joining and then $10 per month until the balance is paid in full. 
  • Email to organise this, or talk to our friendly Kaitiaki in the library.

Rules of Membership:  

Any amendments to the rules will be notified to members.

Borrowing Toys

  • You may borrow the toys for two weeks.
  • Please have your toys on the counter at least 10 minutes prior to the session closing - if you arrive late we may be able to return your toys, but borrowing will be at the discretion of the Kaitiaki.
  • Toys will not be issued to members with outstanding fines or fees or overdue toys.
  • Please do not exchange toys with other members or friends, or borrow toys on their behalf.
  • All toys remain the property of the Eastside Toy Library.
  • Please check Toys prior to leaving the library to ensure all pieces are there and are in good order. Once issued all missing pieces or damage will be the borrower’s responsibility.

Returning Toys:

  • As a member of the library, you are required to return toys in a good, clean condition with no missing or broken pieces. - more details below in cleaning and caring for toys, and missing and broken toys.
  • When a toy is returned to the library it will be checked for the following: Missing pieces, Broken/damaged pieces, Cleanliness, Labels intact.

Cleaning and Caring for Toys:

  • Please do not leave toys outside at night or in the rain.
  • We aim to hire out toys in a clean, hygienic state, and require them to be returned in the same condition. If a toy is returned in a poor state we will ask you to clean it or you may incur a $5 fine. Please refer to our cleaning guidelines - see the FAQ section of our website. 

Missing and Broken/Damaged Pieces:

  • If pieces are missing the toy may be reissued for a further two weeks to enable you to find the piece.
  • If you discover a toy/bag/box is damaged, broken, or has missing pieces at the library or as soon as you get home, please email
  • Toys break even in normal play and honesty is the best policy. Please do not attempt to fix damaged toys yourself, one of our committees is responsible for this role.
  • Broken/damaged or missing pieces incur a fine of $5.00. However in some cases, if the piece is an essential part of the toy/puzzle the committee may decide, and reserves the right, to increase the fine up to the replacement cost of the toy. If missing pieces are returned within the month any fine paid will be credited to the member’s account.

Overdue Toys:

  •  We ask you to be mindful of other members and return your toys on time, we do understand that sometimes life gets messy/complicated - You can renew your own toys via the online system or by emailing us 
  • Toys have to be returned on time to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. Late toys incur the toy hire fine per week it is overdue - this is charged at the rate of the cost of fortnightly hire i.e. ($2.50,$5.00,$1.00) per toy per week.
  • You will not be able to borrow any more toys until all overdue toys are returned.

Health and Safety:

  • We are committed to our responsibility to proactively identify and manage health and safety risks by taking all reasonable, practicable steps to provide safe equipment that is maintained to an acceptable standard. Our members have a prime responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety while using our equipment and report any incidents that occur while using the equipment.
  • Toys are labeled with a recommended age for use and warnings where there are small parts or plastic bags that can pose a hazard.
  • We love seeing your kids in the library engaging in the choice of what to pick. You are responsible for your children while they are in the library. Please take particular care of your young ones as toys are not secured on our shelves and their safety is your responsibility.
  • Please park in our carpark, not on the main road, if you have children with you, this is to keep them safe! Please ask for help to get toys back to your car if you need a hand so you can keep your children safe - our volunteers will happily help you!

Changes to/Termination of Membership:

  • If you have another child or change your address, email, or phone number, please tell us in the library. (this helps us have the correct information to contact you, have statistics for grant applications, and target our new toys at the appropriate age groups. 
  • Any member who has not renewed their membership - 4 weeks from the expiry of the membership will be deemed to have resigned, and will not be released from unpaid fines/fees.
  • Any member who repeatedly loses toys or returns toys late or in a broken or dirty condition, or who repeatedly does not complete duties required by their membership type may have their membership terminated at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Membership is not Transferable.

This is your library and we need your ideas to make it work. Please tell us if you have any suggestions, queries, or concerns. You are also most welcome to attend our meetings. Contact if you are interested.