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A place to borrow, toys, puzzles, dress-ups, and games, it''s exactly like a book Library but for Toys.

Reasons parents join the toy library for their families to enjoy:

  • Access to hundreds of good quality, educational toys without the expense of buying them.
  • Toy libraries promote sustainability, and are better for the environment.
  • Children’s favourite toys frequently change. 
  • Age appropriate toys available to keep up with your child’s ever changing developmental needs.
  • Hiring toys reduces clutter at home.
  • Teaches your child about taking care of toys, and thinking about others.
  • To connect with other local families, and be connected with your community! 
  • Donating toys to the Toy Library not only promotes reuse to children, it also reduces waste and environmental impact.

The Eastside toy library is a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee with support from our members and their families. Each committee member adds tremendous value to the ongoing running of our library and we couldn''t operate without them! We are a group of parents working together to benefit our children. 

We employ a part-time Kaitiaki (who is around when the library is open but does many other things beyond the librarian role to help our service operate). 

We also have some absolutely amazing Super Hero volunteer librarian assistants (through volunteer Canterbury), running our sessions without this team opening the Library would not be sustainable.

We are always in need of new committee members. From each new committee member, we gain new ideas and a fresh look into what can be improved. We are not a council or government organisation or a private company.

Please see the home page for our opening hours. 

We are closed on all Public Holidays.

Over summer: - We close for around 3 weeks over Christmas and New Years holidays. During this time we hire out our toys for longer. Each year, these dates will be advertised in the library, on our facebook, and in the library.

Payments can be made to: 

Westpac NZ

Eastside Toy Library Incorporated 


Please include your name, and reason for payment.

We would appreciate a screenshot of any payments made to be sent to

Awesome, we love feedback on what our members would like to see in the library! 

We try to balance this feedback with the Committee goals, and main age groups who will benefit from this when we have funds to spend!

Caring for our Toys:

  • Treat the toys as your own, and use them only as they are intended.
  • Please do not leave toys outside at night or in the rain.
  • Please let the library know immediately by email if there are missing or broken pieces.
  • Please look after the toys that you borrow to ensure their longevity. So everyone can enjoy these.
  • Put toys away if young visitors arrive, unless they are closely supervised. 
  • Try restricting use of inside toys to one place or one room to make it easier to find parts when toys are due back.


  • Many of our toys are stored in plastic bags and boxes . When you get home, remove toys from their bags (plastic bags should not be given to the children) and store in a safe place at home. Please return toys in the correct bags and ensure both the inside and outside of the bag/box is clean. 

Cleaning of toys:

  • It is a condition of your membership toys and any packaging is returned clean in rehirable condition. Otherwise you may incur a fine.
  • Please clean toys before returning them and make sure they are dry (especially water toys). If you return toys that are dirty, you will be asked to clean them onsite. You will receive a $5.00 fine if you refuse to do so.


Cleaning Tips:

  • Most toys can be cleaned using warm water and a little dish soap on a damp cloth - we recommend cleaning them the night before they are due back as this allows time to dry them. A toothbrush or ear bud will help you get in a tough area.
  • Tough marks - a little spray and wipe or diluted bleach may help.
  • If someone is unwell in your house please wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes, or dettol, alcohol solution, and let us know when you''re returning your toys and we will try to stand them down for a week to prevent the spread of infections.

Baby Toys:

  • Must not be immersed in water as it can get inside, rendering the toy useless. Wipe thoroughly with hot water, a sponge cloth with a small amount of cleaner as recommended above. We recommend for the safety of your child that you do this prior to giving the toy to your child and again before you return it.

Wooden Toys:

  •  Please do not soak wooden toys, or any toys with labels etc.

Ride-on Vehicles and Outdoor Toys:

  •  These must be returned clean. Please protect outside toys from the weather. If possible, store indoors at night and keep them secure if you are away from the property.

Lego and Blocks:

  •  Washing Lego in a clothing delicates bag and then hanging it out to dry on the line to dry. Or otherwise to drain on a clean tea-towel overnight is ideal.

Puzzles and Games

  • Wooden puzzles can be wiped over, or if necessary, washed gently. Cardboard should be wiped over with a slightly damp cloth.

Thank you to those of you who have opted to help run our Library. The library relies on people just like you! We would not be able to operate without your help!

Our Volunteer Memberships $30 per year - You must commit to helping out the toy library.

  • Take on a committee role or
  • Commit to helping out in the Library for 4 sessions or Fundraisers a year.

Helping out in a Library Session:

  • You must arrive 15 minutes prior to opening of the library and finish time is 15 minutes after the library closes.
  • Select the dates you are able to assist from the duty roster. You can do this using the online system or in the library.
  • Unfortunately we would prefer you did not bring your children if you are on duty.
  • If you are unable to do your duty on your selected day you must contact us to make alternative arrangements, as soon as possible.
  • It is your responsibility to re-organise your duty if you are unable to attend.
  • A minimum of four rostered duties must be completed during the period of your annual membership. Failure to complete all four duties by the end of your membership will result in a fine of $15 per incomplete duty.
  • If you are booked to do a duty and do not turn up, a fine of $20.00 will be payable by the member and a further duty may be rostered in lieu of the missed duty.

Committee Role - require fulfilment of roles duties and minimum of  remote attendance at meetings 4-5/per year. - We really need people in these roles, many hands make light work! Please contact us if you think you can help our team! Even if we don''t have vacancies on our Team page please get in touch!

I’d like to be more involved with the toy library and consider going on the committee. What do I do? 

  • Great! We are always keen to have new committee members. Each committee member has a particular role and area they look after and report on. We meet 4-5 times a year in the evening and have a cuppa while we do the meeting, all the rest is done via email. Email to let us know you are keen.

NB: fees apply to both types of these memberships if you do not complete your duties.

We need to fundraise to supplement our finances. We really appreciate any time you can contribute to any of our fundraisers and doing simple things like sharing our fundraisers on facebook etc really helps our library out! If you have any ideas we would love to hear them!

We do things like sell raffle tickets, and would like it if you could try to see a few on our behalf! Or run fundraisers for seedlings etc. We also have an account at precious labels and get a small amount back from any purchase you make there which is great for labeling items for preschool or school!

We are aiming to have a yearly kids jumble sale and would love it if everyone could donate a bag of used kids books, toys, clothes for us to sell to help raise money for our toy library!

You can update this on your membership profile!

or Email us  and let us know the details.


  • Some members have had issues with certain web browsers - We have had good success with firefox.
  • Try clearing your browsers cache.


  •  Your details are sent soon after first joining the Toy Library.
  • If you need your log in details sent to you again please email us -